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Wow its been a while

2010-06-01 11:42:54 by PhilVille

Its been a whole year since the last time i've really been active and to make up for it i've prepared a treat I hope you like my latest piece,"Tear us from Thanatos" its pretty sweet ^^

Activity thus far

2009-05-27 21:48:54 by PhilVille

I'm on my summer break which means I now have the time to write music at my leisure. I just finnished a completely original composition called "Xiro Myth - Mizgarth's Sorrow" And so far its doing well. I feel inspired to try and top myself and try and wow you with my next piece, Which I will announce when I've set up the file.

Other than that I've been working at netflix and its really exhausting.

2 more weeks

2009-04-27 20:33:21 by PhilVille

Two more weeks until class is out.
I have learned a lot and i want to show it here. Sorry for my disappearance I've been really busy trying to make sure i didn't screw up.

I can write pretty fast now so thats gonna be fun this summer.

anyway i'm going to finnish up these next 2 weeks then i'll be back.

Busy busy busy

2009-01-26 11:32:10 by PhilVille

I don't mind being busy as long as i'm doing what i want to be doing what i want to be doing haha.

My music theory teacher gave me a pretty heffty assignment to do over the weekend but i finnished it in a few hours off and on. i think i'll do that more often to tell the truth because i have to write an even bigger score in the future, so i'd better get ready for it.

After that i'm going to start doing a little movie scoring so i'm looking for animators to work with in the furture... if anyones intrested.

New project

2009-01-09 10:06:31 by PhilVille

I'm Pretty pumped that one of my earlier submissions got up to #1 in the video game category
it even got #8 for the score rank. i'm not too sure what that means though ^^; but i like it! its called "Bowser's road M64" check it out.

I'm working on a new project now, it will be based off of Odeka de Chocobo. i think its pretty cool
so i'll be writing out the notation and everything pretty soon.

Startin' out is rough here

2008-12-30 20:08:39 by PhilVille

This sites pretty Awesome and its a great way to get started,
i like the fact that its so rough and merciless here. I'm going to try and build up where i'm at and maybe i could stand out.

I just can't forget why i'm doing this heh.

I'm working on the revamp of my song One foot out the Grave which and at the same time i'm moving on to something new.

other than that i'm also taking a few request because i love writing music, period! heh